Five Great Reasons Why You Should Use Online Dating

I hope to at least dispel a couple of myths about the internet dating scene!

Cause #1: Variety
If you go to a social event with some friends, how many people could you get to know in one evening? Maybe five to ten? Well, if you’re set up on a dating site, you could contact maybe fifty or more people in just a few hours. Furthermore, using various search options, you can choose to contact only certain types of people. And people on dating sites are just like you – looking to meet someone.
At that social event – the person you like may in fact possess a partner, or not be interested in a relationship. Online, you are virtually assured that most people around the dating site are keen to meet someone special.

Cause #2: Security
On a dating site, you can be anonymous. You communicate with other people using that site’s messaging system, which won’t disclose your name or other personal details. You’ll certainly be known by a made-up name you choose. You can describe, generally terms, where you live, your age and height etc, but if you’re safe and secure. Much better to be at home with a computer or laptop conference people, that spending the evening trying to talk to people in a loud membership or club.

Reason #3: You Can Be Anywhere
Want to look for true love while on holiday? Or maybe using your mobile phone or tablet while you’re at the park or watching tv? Internet dating lets you do this. You are not locked into any particular location – this gives you a huge amount of flexibility. For instance, you could browse dating site profiles on your commute to work, while waiting in a queue or at a cafe.

Reason #4: You Can Be Very Specific
Looking for someone over a certain height, with blue eyes, left-wing political views and vegetarian? And you also want them to be a non-smoker, and between 30 and 35 years of age? This is very easy to do as a search on a dating site. So your search engine results page will be a short-list of people meeting YOUR criteria. Why waste time speaking with people (as you do in social events) who have a tendency share your values? With online dating, you could be ‘choosy’ about who you would like to meet.

Explanation #5: It’s a Numbers Game
There are huge numbers of people using online dating websites each day. In your nation, there are certain to be many thousands of people applying such sites, and this provides you with enormous versatility. In the times before internet dating, friends utilized to say to me personally, ‘it’s a numbers game’ – which means you have to satisfy many people before the right one is uncovered. Online, you are able to meet a lot of people so quickly, that what would consider months in the real world, could be achieved in a week or so online.


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